Bergg vs. Food TV

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

----UPDATE!!!---- New Challenge Met With Ultimatum!!

This just in.....the current champion of the "Wiener and Still Champion" 3 lb. cheese burger challenge, Qumar, recently caught wind of his new found competition, and has provided an ultimatum to our upcoming challenge!!

If Bergg indeed does break Qumar's current record of 28 minutes, on Saturday, January 16th....Qumar has claimed that he will then appear at the site of defeat, and face it by trying to break the eminent new record, to be set by Bergg!!

It's a showdown ladies and gentleman.....winner takes all....with not only a new record at stake, but a sense of self-pride and perhaps a bit of showmanship as well!!

This is certainly shaping up to be a very entertaining afternoon/evening!! Spectators are not only welcome, but encouraged!!

Date and Time: Saturday, January 16th at 1:00pm

Location: "Wiener and Still Champion"
                 802 Dempster St.
                 Evanston, IL 60202

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