Bergg vs. Food TV

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"He came, he chewed......he CONQUERED!!"

Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to be able to bring to you all some very exciting news! This afternoon, Bergg successfully claimed the new record in the "Wiener and Still Champion" Triple Undisputed Burger Challenge. The time to beat was 14 minutes and 11 seconds, which Bergg beat with an astonishing time of 13 minutes and 50 seconds!!

It was an extraordinary experience, and sight to see! This post is just a preliminary post for what is soon to follow this up, as quickly as I can, I will have a new post up, recounting the entire challenge, with pictures, quotes and video content!!

Please stay tuned, and check back daily, as I will be posting material all weekend!!

Let's all tip our hats to Bergg for his astounding act of heroics and bravery in becoming the new champion of the "Wiener and Still Champion" Triple Undisputed Burger Challenge! Congrats Bergg, you did it!!!