Bergg vs. Food TV

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Delicate Process of Preparation"

In the coming week, as you all know, Bergg will be preparing for his next challenge, a 3 lb. cheese burger prepared by "Wiener and Still Champion", in Evanston, IL. The challenge is not only to finish this monstrosity, but to do it in record time, under 28 minutes.

When I asked Bergg about his thoughts on this new hurdle, he told me:
"In no way, is eating this amount of food safe, but if you can at least prepare your body for it, you can lessen or avoid any physical damage. Mental though.....that's another story."

I am fully committed to keeping our readers updated with the grueling process of training for this event, keeping you all in the loop each and every step of the way. So check back often, and enjoy the wild ride!!

Get a sneak peak at what Bergg will be up against at our gracious host's website:


  1. Im living in madison now and I have been noticing that a lot of restaurants have eating competitions here. State street brats has a huge burger challenge that if you finish the burger in the allotted time you get it for free. Across the street a new sandwich place opened up called 'fat sandwich' and they make some ridiculous sandwiches topped with everything one could imagine. Anyway, their eating challenge involves "the big fat mess" and it is. Just thought I would give you guys some new ideas to keep this goin.

    good luck,
    NIck Chenow

  2. Thanks for the info Nick!! We'll add them to the list! Madison is a must stop in our challenge path.