Bergg vs. Food TV

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Horizons Ahead!

Well, Happy Holidays to all you readers........are there any readers out there???.....well, we'll get there. During this much needed upcoming break from the stresses of work, Bergg and I have a plan to organize the next "Bergg vs. Food" challenge, but we need your help!! I'm leaving this decision up to the readers....given there are any....otherwise this may be a very long process of waiting on a decision :) So, whether we know you personally, or you are a new reader from an unknown land to us, please comment and give us your input and opinions.

Here are the options for the next "Bergg vs. Food" challenge:

1. Brick 3 Pizza - 34in. Pizza Challenge

2. Johnny V's Classic Cafe - "The King (or Queen) of Johnny V's Challenge": 8 pancakes, 10 eggs, a plate of hash browns, 3 pieces of bacon or sausage, a slice of ham, AND two slices of Texas toast!!

3. Painted Parrot - 2 lb. Burger Challenge: 2 lb. burger with 22 fries and 2 oz. of soup in under 22 minutes

Keep in mind that I will also be providing an overall review of the chosen restaurant, critiquing the food, service, atmosphere, and so on. Let us know what you think!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. Michael,

    I'm a big fan of MvF, and seeing what you're doing is, for lack of a better word, awesome. I've been trying to see what challenges Milwaukee has, and so far, I've found and defeated the Fiery Burrito Challenge at Jose's Blue Sombrero in Waukesha. And I'm always looking for the next one to tackle.

    I'm better at spicy food challenges than quantity, and it would be fun if there were any two-man challenges to try and help Bergg defeat them. Not that I'm the best quantity eater, but if you throw me in the weight room and then send me out, I've got a pretty fierce appetite, so you never know.

    Regardless, I think this blog is awesome and looking forward to reading about the upcoming challenges.

    The one that I think Bergg should go after next is the Painted Parrot, since it would be his best chance at a solid win before trying to tackle (what I think is nearly impossible) Johnny V's Classic Cafe challenge (it's easy until you throw in those heavy pancakes!).

    Looking forward to the food challenges.

    DJ (

    P.S., the URL link is to a site that I blog on. You can read my blog entry about the spicy burrito under the title "Slater V Food".

  2. If Bergg is looking for a teammate in any 2 man food challenges

    let me know !

    I got a pretty nice resume when it comes to food challenges !

    Cannoli eating champion
    prime quarter 40 oz steak challenge - 4 min 46 sec - including the baked potato salad and toast
    1 min 35 sec - blazing wing contest at bw 3's
    numerous other wing eating contests

    30 wings and a large basket of wedges at BW 3's - 6:46

    I want to conquer the 88 oz steak at ward house of prime, the johnny v's contest

    but if any 2 man challenges occur, let me know

    Tony Paulis